Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3-13 minutes

Apparently, that is how long sex lasts. Just sex. Not including foreplay.

Shamefully, we've been in the lower parameters before. And those times, I was woefully unsatisfied. I call it lady blue balls. So what caused our unremarkable rolls in the hay? No barriers.

We, being the good fornicators that we were, had never experienced sex without a latex barrier, and were unprepared for the sensation. So when we decided that we were going to skip the condom, it was like a whole different game. Some people don't feel a difference, but we sure did. It felt good; REALLY good. Apparently too good for him. We would start getting into it, and then he would come, and then apologize. And when he would come.. oh goodness me.. that was new, and different, and.. GOOD.

So there we were. Him, basking in the afterglow, looking all sheepish. Me, flustered and frustrated, not letting him try anything because of the newly acquired mess down below, that I was not prepared for (I still don't know how to best take care of the mess after unprotected sex).

It got better gradually. He had to build up his tolerance of skin to skin contact. He told me he tried thinking of baseball, and math problems to prolong our sessions. I was dangerously close to carpal tunnel due to taking care of myself.

Then it happened. The Husband lasted long enough. The heavens opened, and the choir of angels sang. We finished together. It's one of the times I remember.

I am happy to report, that he lasts longer than me now. So if your partner is having trouble passing the 3 minute mark, suggest some long division. Who says you don't use math in the real world?


  1. Hmmmm... 12 years later and the math still isn't working, LOL!

  2. Hello new follower!

    Oh my.. but as long as you get your kicks, you might not have to introduce calculus to your bedroom! :)