Monday, June 21, 2010

Do sluts have more sex?


The Husband and I got into this conversation the other day. You might be wondering why we would be conversing about sluts on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and I will tell you. I was telling The Husband that I am due for my bikini wax, and also wondered aloud how many cooters the waxing lady might see on a daily basis. I continued wondering aloud if she gets grossed out by any of them, and The Husband piped up and said "slutty women are probably gross". Besides the fact that the comment was rather rude, I asked him to elaborate.

He proceeded with this logic: slutty women are probably a bit more.. used.. down there, and therefore things might not be as tight or attractive. So I asked him what might constitute a slut, and he informed me that ladies who take home different strangers on multiple occasions, with no emotional ties would be a slut. And because of these multiple partners, she would run the risk of being 'loose' down there.

My rebuttal was that if anyone runs the risk of becoming 'loose', it would be me. I probably have more sex than the average slut. Let's go with Samantha Jones from Sex and the City (who The Husband considers the ultimate slut in cinematic form). She might go home with maybe 1-2 guys a week, if that. So what, that equals to 3 times a week if she's lucky (assuming one of those guys could get it up again). The Husband and I average 3-5 times a week. Consistently. Sluts might have weeks of down time. I only get one when my monthly visitor comes knocking.

So in summation, 'sluts' might be tighter than the average housewife, and wives probably have more sex.


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  2. Depends on your definition of "slut"... what is a slut? IMNSHO a slut is a woman who LOVES to have sex... will have it as much as she can without much prodding. Can you be a slut and be monogamous? Of course.

    At least that's my opinion. Your mileage may vary.