Monday, June 7, 2010

The dog ate my mojo

We are currently dog sitting my brother-in-law's dog. He is cute. He is adorable. He is a mood killer.

He likes to sleep UNDER the covers. I've never had an animal do this before. So because of this under cover sleeping arrangement, I've had to put on undies, and shorts. You'd think telling the dog "no", would do the trick, but this is one stubborn and determined canine, and in the end, he won.

On top of that, the dog has this weird separation anxiety, and is as nosy as a cat. The dog was taking a nap, so The Husband and I thought we could get a little frisky. Nothing makes you laugh harder, and squeal in horror in tandem, than a dog that jumps up and tries to sniff your entire naked form while you are on top of your husband. Safe to say, that the session ended (my poor husband didn't even get to finish). Fast forward, and there we are again, feeling a little amorous. We think we can pull this off if we close the bedroom door. But no, he scratches and whines until we are thoroughly distracted. Thank goodness he will only be here one more day!

I want to ask my B-i-L how he manages to have sex, since he seems to get a new lady friend every other week, but I don't think I want to know how he conquers his sexual escapades.

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  1. The manfriends very large dog sleeps under the covers and stays in there while we're partaking. The cat too, on top of the sheets.

    It's very odd but thankfully no sniffing.