Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sleepy sex

As you might remember, I get the urge to merge in the nighttime. But when I look over at The Husband, and he has bloodshot eyes, and droopy eyelids, I let him rest and push the urge aside.

I push it aside thinking that I am being a nice person, and we go to bed. Then a couple hours after falling asleep, I find myself in a compromising position: with my hand in his boxers. Apparently, I can't take no for an answer, even from myself. I don't consciously molest my husband, it just seems to happen on those nights where I've purposely not given into the urge.

Sleepy sex, I've found, is kinda fantastic. The room is dark, you have your eyes closed, and you just feel your way around. You basically give into your instincts. You don't care what you look like or sound like; you just feel. Then when the union is over, you roll over and fall back asleep, like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Blissful, deep, relaxed sleep.


  1. lol! This is super funny! I don't live with my fiance yet but I'm sure it would be fun to try it! haha!

  2. haha! It was rather mortifying the first couple times! Waking up with your hand shoved down someone's undies.. my libido has a mind of it's own.. You become half awake and you're like, um, hi .