Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ghosts of relationships past

Things seem to happen at the same time for The Husband and I.  In the same week, he got an email from an ex-girlfriend, and I got a Facebook friend request from an ex-boyfriend. 

Odd, because his ex had to go through friends of friends to get his contact info, and my ex probably had to sift through quite a few different people to find me, since I have a common name and I don't have the same last name anymore.

Even stranger is that neither of those relationships ended on a pleasant note.  His ended because after years of being friends, they decided to date, and he realized that nothing was there, while she thought there was.  Mine ended because he was showing possessive tendencies and I broke up with him over the phone because he was starting to creep me out.

So here's the thing..

Bitch, don't email my husband after 8 years, and try to have dinner with him.  I know you have friends that are mutual friends, so you would've been told that he is married.  I know you tried to claw your way back to him when we were first dating, but seriously, if he told you that it felt like kissing his sister, shouldn't that have been your clue to stop chasing his dick?  I mean, it is a pretty awesome dick, but it was never going to be yours.

And Wanker, no I will not approve your friend request.  When you started calling all of my girlfriends sluts and told me not to hang out with them, called me every hour, and talked about getting married after the first month of dating, things were not looking good for you.  Why were your moods so crazy?  Were you on roids?  Is that why you were so aggressive?  The only reason I was with you for more than a month is because I was scared of you.  I waited until summer break because I would be a few states away from you and you didn't know where my parents lived, or where I would be living come the new school year. 


  1. Your too funny.
    I love "Bitch, don't email my husband" :)

  2. Ha. You know what's worse than an ex contacting you? Your ex's current fling contacting you to demand your intentions with them (6 weeks before your wedding no less.

  3. My BFs Ex tried calling last week too. Is it the moon phase? Normally, I don't care about ex's, we all practice on somebody to get to the one were with. But this whore. Ugh. Lets just say there is a restraining order involved. I can't posts this stuff on my blog so Im glad you have a place to let me vent. :D

  4. Worse than any of my ex's are my friends ex's.

    For the past 13 years I've been close friends with 2 girls.
    Friend 1, was in a relationship with a guy for the first 6 of those years. Friend 2, was in a relationship (kid included) with the same guy for about the past 4 years.
    Now when I casually run into this guy, he makes every attempt possible to try and hook up with me.
    Seriously, this is one Asshat that needs to branch out! Preferably, in a different state.