Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Husband and I will be separated for a week. He will be working, while I'm 4 hours away working for his dad.

The Mother-in-Law and The Sister-in-Law work the reception desk and the accounting/bookkeeping at The Father-in-Law's practice; but with The Sister-in-Law out of commission for a while and The Mother-in-Law staying by her bedside, there's no one to man the front office.

So The Housewife comes to the rescue. Well, not really. I've never worked in a doctor's office before, so I'm stumbling my way through.

I'll be providing a week's worth of free services, if not more, and as a result I am separated from my beloved.

I about cried when he left for home, and he kept dragging his feet until I pushed him out the door.

Yes, I'm that attached to The Husband, no I'm not ashamed. This week is gonna be tough.


  1. I hate it when Gadget Guy and I are apart, it's hard. I hope the week goes by quickly for you!

  2. Hope you have some way to video chat!