Friday, April 1, 2011

Couples counseling

The Husband and I never really do anything for April Fool's.  We either lack the time or creativity to pull something off.

However, last year I wanted to toy with The Husband, so when he called me on his lunch I told him that I was seriously considering going to couples counseling.

I had a friend who had recently divorced and had been through couples counseling, so making him believe that I got a referral from her was not far fetched.

I told him that I felt like we weren't communicating effectively and that it would be good for us.  He had to get back to work, so he said that we'd talk about it later.

Well, I didn't think that he was that worried about it; until he called me an hour later.  He had excused himself from work to talk to me.

And I felt like an idiot.

The only reply I had was, Do you realize what day it is?

I felt so BAD!  I made him freak out and leave work!  So I apologized profusely while he actually laughed at me and said it was a good one.

So once again, I plan on letting April Fool's pass me by.


  1. Yeah... probably a good idea to let it pass out by! =)

  2. lol... that might be the funniest April Fool's Joke I have ever heard. I would have to give my wife some serious props if she did that to me!